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Hayley is glass blower that puts her designs into practice incorporating traditional methods and modern techniques to keep the ideas Innovative.


Glass Blowing is full of logical thinking, adrenalin and excitement, there is always something to learn and a new skill to master and Hayley enjoys the process of making glass.

It has a huge element of problem solving and demands quick thinking on your feet, whether in or out of the blowing bench, this drives the artist and keeps the work fresh and exciting.

Hayley explores the qualities of glass and expresses this with use of bold colours. She also uses cutting and polishing processes to accentuate these aspects further.


Hayley has had the opportunity to work alongside some amazing and influential glassmakers, which enabled her to establish her work in a number of galleries and exhibitions. She has learned from experienced and respected artists in her field making a wide network of contacts. Hayley has been able to liaise with gallery and shops, so she can achieve the optimum range of work for differing environments.


Hayley feels privileged to work in this industry and would not see herself doing anything else.


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